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Why "Bohémien"?

Well, you'll get it once you step into our world but, to put it in small words: because we don't do ordinary. We simply refuse to be predictable and conformist. If you're like that, you'll feel at home. If you're not, you'll be surprised on how much you like it.

Bohémien is located in one of the oldest buildings in town, yet we decided to bring a modern, sleek look inside its walls, but carefully preserving the original spirit of the property. So, super high decorated coffered ceilings and heavy handcrafted wooden doors meet

present-day designs and the latest technology and comforts.

Located in downtown Cefalù , we're in the best possible spot for the perfect stay and we mean... for real!

We are literally one step outside the ZTL area, which is (of course!) the heart of the town, 5 minutes walk from the main beach and 3 minutes far from the best located parking in town.


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